Poised above the Pacific Ocean with its infinite horizons, this house is a celebration of the balance between the interior and the exterior. The structure is exquisitely spaced between two floors with patios and balconies reaching into the surrounding gardens and rustling palm trees. It features exotic woods and pristine whites that are enhanced by fresh and invigorating colors: blue, green, emerald, sun yellow… There is a large living room, an open-space kitchen to share local delicacies, and three rooms with private Italian showers. The spaces feature simple and efficient ergonomics, a spectrum of natural light from sunrise to dusk, warm but sophisticated materials (teak, steel, polished concrete, rattan, cotton...), and a collection of sublime objects and made-to-measure furniture that evoke wellness and serenity. The Villa Riviera is inspired by the architecture and savoir-faire of Palm Springs, Miami, and the Côte d'Azur, accentuated with occasional hints of Italy. The harmony of a different era, elevated by a contemporary perspective…

Master Suite

The blue horizon spreads out before you… With fresh palm breezes, or the comforts of air conditioning, and luxurious white linen curtains to soften the bright sun, Suite 1 is reimagining the notion of freshness from the bedroom to the bathroom: smoothed concrete, rustic woods and recycled cottons, bright tile mosaics… The space is accentuated with meticulously chosen pieces of vintage furniture, treasures from another era that were often unearthed in Marseille, France: a Soleil wicker chair by the designers Abraman & Rol, which is one of their emblematic works (Gold Medal at Expo 58 in Brussels), a lamp inspired by Mathieu Matégot, two night tables in the spirit of Eero Saarinen... It all combines to evoke the look and soul of the 1950s. Meanwhile, the walls offer an artistic blend of flora and fauna to help extend this exotic journey. 
(1 bed 5,9 feets x 6,56 feets )

Queen Suite

Spanning the villa, enhanced by delicate pastels, and drenched in sun, Suite 2 tells a different story: a rug Peruvian woven, subtle touches of light, two night tables created by Constance Guisset, and, like a Garden of Eden perched upon the wall, the poster for an exhibition held at the Musée de la Vie Romantique in Paris that featured the work of the naturalist painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté, dubbed the ‘Raphaël of Flowers’ in the 19th century. Behind every door, the spirit of tranquility roams free.
(1 bed 5,25 feets x 6,56 feets)

Main Floor Suite

Located on the ground floor at the same level as the swimming pool, Suite 3 offers a smooth transition between the sun yellow of the room and the turquoise blue of the water. This harmonious space features natural fibers and vintage accents such as period sconces and classic lamps that lit Hilton hotel rooms in the 1980s… An ideal of simplicity that is utterly relaxing.
(2 beds 4,6 feets x 6,56 feets)

Living Spaces

Spacious and carefree with perfect proportions, the villa’s design facilitates both moments of rest and times of conviviality. Its large bay windows create patterns of light and shade, its connected living room and kitchen nurture encounters and provide opportunities to gather around the table for local culinary traditions such as ceviche, rock lobster grilled on the plancha, the popular Costa Rican dish casado, that is comprised of chicken, rice, black beans, and plantains, or smoothies bursting with fresh tropical fruit… A rich spectrum of vibrant flavors and spices that will transport the palette and, with the crashing surf and the resplendent nature, allow you to be fully absorbed by the local lifestyle.


And because staying in a home that seems to hover over the ocean is an invitation to let go of the ties that bind, the grounds have been shaped to help you forget the constrictions of human time and to encourage you to move to the rhythm of the sun, from its embrace of shadows to its glorious zenith. From morning to night, each phase of the day offers its unique pleasures: reading, swimming in the sea or the pool, playing in the waves, boating excursions along the coast, ATV escapades into the wild, mingling with locals, it is a complete immersion offering the promise of endless experiences that awaits you…