How to go here

The easiest/fastest way to get there is by air with Sansa Airlines or Nature Airlines who fly from San José international airport to Tambor. For more information www.flysansa.com or www.natureair.com The flight takes only 25 minutes. From there, we can organize you a taxi service, or you can rent a car in Budget rental and drive by yourself the 40 minutes ride to Santa Teresa

BY the road You will spend 4 to 5 hours to drive from San Jose. You must at first reach Puntarenas, and then take the ferry that is called « Ferry Tambor » to Paquera port. That drive is about 1- 1.5 hours from San Jose. Check the ferry schedule at www.navieratambor.com. The ferry crossing takes about 1 hour and is very scenic, being at the same time a good opportunity to stretch and rest from the drive. Once you get to Paquera, all you have to do is follow the other cars and stick to the signs pointing out « Malpaís » or « Santa Teresa ». This drive takes about 1 hour. The paved road ends in Cobano. From there on, it becomes a gravel road and a four-wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended. Once you get to the « Malpaís and Santa Teresa » crossroad, turn right towards Santa Teresa. You'll notice a Bakery shop on your right. We ill give you an apointement.